I would like to post a commentary by one of my friend on my article: “Rotting of the Roots”, and my response to it. Dear Doc Your articles are very interesting and to some extent, historical facts which can be educational at times, especially your piece on the origins of Malays etc. Thank you for […]


CREATIVE DESTRUCTION – UMNO MAY BE DESTROYED OR SAVED, DEPENDING ON HOW IT UNDERSTANDS ITS FATE IN THE PROCESS I would like to borrow the term “creative destruction” from a great economist Joseph Schumpeter, who argues that for the economy to be healthy in the long term, it needs cycles of “destruction”, whereby new technologies […]


What does the oil price has to do with business? The answer: a lot! Oil is the main source of energy, and presents more than 95% source of energy for transportation. And in terms of transportation, 2/3 of it are for purposes of transporting people, and another 1/3 are used for transporting goods. The price […]