Energy is the major component of our living costs. Everything that we do, touch, and eat – are linked to energy. It is the source of the modern day life. We need energy to light up our house, buildings, streets, etc; we need energy to cook and prepare our food; we need energy to produce […]

Good Soul vs. Bad Soul

It is very hard to say when any soul came down to this earth, whether he is by “design” to be a Good Soul or a Bad Soul (i.e. good person or bad person). There has been many theories by psychologists trying to interpret the nature of human beings. Is it by nature, all human […]

Body & Soul

Being alive means our Body & Soul are in one embodiment that is in the form of being as we are now. Once the Body and Soul are separated, then one part will be claimed back by the earth (the Body) and the other will continue his journey to the “next life”. While being alive […]

Life and Death

We are alive today because our body still function as its supposed to be: the heart is pumping the blood, the brain is working and functioning as its supposed to be, and so on. Once the heart stop, and the brain is dead (i.e. stop to function), due to whatever physical reasons that happened to […]

Space, Time and Our Existence

Our bodily existence can only happen in Space. It occupy certain space in this universe, and exist within a certain define space at any point in time. Therefore, we can say that we exist as “Matter” within the domain of Space. On the other hand, our existence is dependent on Time. We actually “moves” through […]

Long Silence

I have not been updating or posting any new writing since more than two years. My lame excuse has been that I have been tied up with works and do not have much time to write and post anythings. Off course many things has happened since last two years, events has unfolded, and so on. […]