Throughout our life, do we ever know how many accidents that didn’t happen to us? The truth is we never know. For example, when you drive home from work, and arrive safe and sound without any scratch – and nothing strange or extra ordinary happen. You would say that no accident happened. That’s all, and you will […]


We all know by now that the US Presidential election is won by Barrack Obama, for his second term. We should wish him well, and hopefully he will utilize his second terms to better use. Our only caution would be that, the US President is only part of the story, and Obama, alone as President, […]


The title of this writing can be written as “Why Nations Failed?”, but it would counter to my personal view that it is easier to say why nations fails, but a lot harder to define path to success or prosperity of nations. One the theory proposed by Acemoglu and Robinson about why nations fails is […]