I can take no teacher;   For a teacher is nothing more than his ideas. If his ideas are of any truth;               The veracity of the truth is unproven. If his ideas are based on logics;       The logics are mired with imperfections. If his ideas are speculations; […]


The discourse between whether the world (or human life) is deterministic and hence, there are no such things as human’s free will; against the opposite argument that there are no such things as deterministic world, but rather everything is in-deterministic , and hence human are to make their choices, which are truly of their own […]


This title is a slight change of the title of a short treatise by Imam Al Ghazali (Deliverance from Errors, “Al Munqidh min Al Dhalaal“). It was written after his exclusion (‘uzlah) for almost 12 years. It is really worth reading, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. The subject that he deal with […]


Truly one of the magnificent parts of creation of God is the paradox of randomness and order within the Creation. There is randomness within orderly systems, from the largest, that is the Universe (the Cosmos), right to the smallest, which are the atomic particles (the quarks, etc.). The paradox is that the reverse is also […]

Who is the Malay?

This is the title of a chapter from “Breaking the Silence: Voices of Modern Islam in a Constitutional Democracy” written by my good friend, whom I respected so much for his principles, Mr. Rosli Dahlan co-authored with Mr. Mohammad Afif Daud (both from Lee Hishamuddin Allen Gledhill law firm). You can access the article from […]


I am not a linguist, and I can’t even claim that I have a good command of language. In fact, I am very poor and clumsy when it comes to language. I made all sorts of grammatical errors and always try to remain within a small number of vocabularies as possible. But I can’t help […]