Truth, False & Probability

The usage of testing True or False are connected intimately to the Theory of Probability. This is scientific way to look at the subject of Truth, False, and Ignorance as I have explained before. Any statements, to be known whether it is True is tested through Probability statements. And hence, an experimenter, after getting the […]

Truth, False, and Ignorance

This is a continuation of the previous subject on “Degrees of Truth & Ignorance”. The opposite of Truth is always thought to be False. This is not exactly correct. As described before, the exact opposite of Absolute Truth is Absolute Ignorance. In between are various degrees of Truth. Similarly, the exact opposite of Absolute False […]

Degrees of Truth & Ignorance

Truth is between 100% Truth, or 100% certainty; which is the absolute Truth, and anywhere below 100% to 0%, which would be some “degrees of Truth”; where at 0% is absolute Ignorance. Anywhere in between, x% Truth and (1-x)% Ignorance. So what we have is the two extremes, absolute Truth (100% Truth and 0% Ignorance), […]