SUMMARY: Islamic faith based religious violence is statistically insignificant, compared to many other occurrences of violence. But it makes big news, because of its dramatic nature, just like plane crashes compared to automobile accidents. However, Muslims should not be apologetic about it – but rather to clarify them clearly about the bias as well as […]


In this article I would like to take it light, something not too serious, but good for us to ponder and contemplate. Life is like a balloon. When you are growing up, you blow it with your full might. While it ballooned up makes you wonder, how large it could be. You became sometimes proud, and sometimes […]


In Islam, the efforts to get Rizk (Providence and livelihood) is called “makasib”(  مَكَاسِبٌ ). It is something that is at times obligatory (Fard), sometimes permissible and encouraged, but may also be discouraged (makruh), and in certain cases, must be avoided (Haram). All of these could be understood clearly depending on conditions and situations of […]


First, I would like to wish all Muslim readers, belated Eidul Fitri AL Mubarak, كل عام و انتم بخير (kullu aam wa antum bi khair; Wishing you blessed year ahead with all the goodness from Allah). I would like to comment here about the Raya celebration in Malaysia, which in my view is quite “endemic”. I […]


I had written about the subject sometimes back, and here is a revisit and revision of the previous article. Our existence is on THREE LEVELS: 1) Jismaniah (matter or physical forms – BODY); 2) ‘Aqliyyah (the intellect and all that relates to it  – MIND); and 3) Ruhiyyah (the metaphysical part of our self – […]


This is a short note to continue my earlier discussion on ‘Ulama, Ustazs, and Scholars. I had spent quite a bit of time going through many writings of Islamic scholars of the past. Off course I don’t have the time to read through every pages of the following Kitab (books) listed below; but I did […]


How to define a “Scholar”? Scholar is an English or western terminology which generally means “someone who is a learned person, who has profound knowledge of a particular subject or certain fields of knowledge”. The Islamic equivalent term for Scholars is “’Ulama”, which a plural word for “”Alim”, which means “someone who is a learned […]