This is a short note to continue my earlier discussion on ‘Ulama, Ustazs, and Scholars. I had spent quite a bit of time going through many writings of Islamic scholars of the past. Off course I don’t have the time to read through every pages of the following Kitab (books) listed below; but I did […]


How to define a “Scholar”? Scholar is an English or western terminology which generally means “someone who is a learned person, who has profound knowledge of a particular subject or certain fields of knowledge”. The Islamic equivalent term for Scholars is “’Ulama”, which a plural word for “”Alim”, which means “someone who is a learned […]


As a continuation to my previous article, to answer the question of who are these “people”, to my own children and young people of Malaysia who just came of age into Malaysian politics, I would like to further expand my analysis to the other major parties in the current political environment. UMNO (United Malay National […]


This article is my answer to my own children who asked me the question: Who is PAS? What really they stand for? I guess the same question is being asked by many other young Malaysians in their 20’s and 30’s; who just comes of age in the world of Malaysian politics. I guess we owe […]


Is there something “new” about PAS and UMNO “working together” or “cooperating together”? Or for that matter, to see Pemuda PAS conventions wearing “Pakaian Adat Melayu” of “Keris and Tengkolok”? The truth of the matter is PAS has all along been the party with the Malay as its core agenda (i.e. Nationalistic), with Islam as […]


Of late, it seems that debates started to rage again on Islamism – both on the fundamental Islam (i.e. the call to return to Islamic Fundamentals of the past), and on the militant Islam (i.e. for example, the case of ISIS and Terrorism). All of the discussions as well as accusations from all sides of […]


The discourse between whether the world (or human life) is deterministic and hence, there are no such things as human’s free will; against the opposite argument that there are no such things as deterministic world, but rather everything is in-deterministic , and hence human are to make their choices, which are truly of their own […]